Monday, August 31, 2009

Just another manic Monday!

I was fairly productive today. I went to the bank, had my car serviced, went to Walmart, did my housework and made dinner. I got super sleepy after all that, so I squeezed in a cat nap. I am really enjoying having the house clean, the laundry done, and meals ready for Jay. He works really hard for our family, has waited on me hand and foot throughout this pregnancy and he deserves whatever I can do for him now that I have the time. My next gift to him will be all of the above AND nurturing his little boy so as to keep him out of daycare. In my spare time while waiting on the baby, I have tried to catch up on some crocheting and do a little reading.

When I checked the mail today, I had yet ANOTHER sweet gift for Grayson! This time it was from his Uncle Josh.... could it be any cuter?! Two sailor outfits...

Thank you, Josh! We just love it.

One of my best friends, Andrea is in town and is staying the night tomorrow night with us. I am so happy to see her, I haven't seen her since my wedding! I am PRAYING for sunshine, so that we can enjoy the pool. I am also desperate for a tan!

My belly just gets heavier and more awkward. Turning over in bed is such a CHORE. Last night, I was up for about 2 hours with painful contractions about every 10-15 minutes. Knowing I didn't want to get sent home from the hospital with false labor, I waited it out and sure enough- they spaced out and finally went away. Still, it was alarming! My body is just getting me ready I guess. The countdown is on, and I am living appointment to appointment. I will post again Friday after seeing my regular OB. Have a good week everyone.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

What day is it?

I am officially a SAHM (Stay-At-Home-Mom)! I get to play housewife and mommy for the next 4 months or so. Technically, I am employed, as I am doing some remote work, part time, from home, for the practice I worked for in Brunswick. It's a nice way to make some extra money while still exercising my brain a little! Most of the time, though, I am relishing in my OCD tendencies that have increased with my belly size!

So far, I have been in serious nesting mode. Everything in my house is completely organized. All drawers, closets, EVERYTHING. On top of that, everything is sanitized with Lysol. It feels good to have all of these things done so that I can relax a little before Grayson gets here. The slower pace has put me in a great mood, and I am thoroughly enjoying these cat naps during the day. I am doing some reading that I had been putting off, and catching up on "A Baby Story" episodes. I am able to have stress-free evenings with Jay over dinner and sometimes board games! It's pretty mellow, and I love it. I can't wait to bring home the baby and get him settled in.

Grayson is dropping some, for sure. I have a lot of pressure in my hip bones and pelvic area. He has the hiccups constantly, poor guy. I am feeling pretty good other than fatigue and shortness of breath. Not much longer now! My next appointment is next week, and then weekly thereafter. I am also scheduled to see the Perinatologist again on 9/8 to get another measurement. I am thinking he is a big'un.

I am off now to do some more organizing! Woohoo!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

34 weeks

Good afternoon! It is another Saturday in the Hightower house which means we are alternating chores and rest. My last day of work was yesterday, which gives me mixed emotions! I am excited about the rest and the extra time to finish everything on my "To Do" list, but also I am nervous! I haven't been out of I am going to enjoy it though! I will fill my pre-baby time at home with organizing, housework, household bookkeeping, napping, floating in the pool and preparing for Grayson to come home. That really doesn't sound half bad!

I had my 34 week appointment yesterday, which was very uneventful. My OB said that he was sending me back to my Perinatologist in 2 weeks for another ultrasound measurement. At THAT time, if Grayson appears to be significantly ahead of schedule, my OB will advise me what to do. Most likely, it will end up as a scheduled C-Section for around the middle of September. But, who really knows!? He will come when he does.

I am looking forward to one of my pseudo-sisters (Andrea) coming to town in a week and a half or so! After that will be Labor Day weekend, when we will probably have Madraye and Halle for the weekend. I will keep everyone posted with pictures and blogs! xo

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Pregnancy and Physics

So, I just ate a chocolatey creamy pastry and cucumbers with hummus. Do you think they cancel each other out? My next task today, I think, will be watching some TV and installing the carseat later on. I am starting to wonder if my body was really made to carry a baby! He is getting so big and the belly contortions are SO dramatic! How much longer can this REALLY go on? I feel elbows in my hip bones, something in my left flank that feels like a butt, and something pointy around my bellybutton. Sometimes, it feels like he is just vibrating! It's so weird, and definitely fascinating, but at the same time- I am kind of over it. In 5 weeks or so, I should have a baby boy, and no more uterine movement.

I can't wait to:

1) Eat raw sushi (I have continued eating cooked)
2) Sleep on my stomach
3) Start vigorously exercising
4) Have a glass of wine
5) Reach my legs/toes

Here is the current progress-

This weekend we spent Friday and Saturday night with Jay's Aunt Bev and Vince. Great meals both nights, and even better fellowship. Please ignore how awful I look in our group photo from Friday...

I hope everyone has a great week!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

32 weeks and counting down...

Went to the doctor today, complained about how I basically feel awful all the time in one way or another... He basically said that the only cure would be having the baby. We did talk about the size of the baby, he said be prepared for a large baby! They are going to do a C Section between 37-38 weeks. So, I should have a baby between 9/11-9/18 ish. Only 5 weeks away. Thank goodness, I am so anxious to meet him and for the pregnancy woes to end. More in 2 weeks!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

End of Summer and Finished Nursery

I am not believing it is already the beginning of August! Where has the time gone? I have a feeling, though, that August will drag more than any other month yet. I am "growing" increasingly more uncomfortable. Ok, I am downright miserable and you know this if you talk to me on at least a weekly basis! Going to work every morning is such a chore. I am grateful that the summer here has not been too bad. Anyway, Franca and Granddad had a cookout on Saturday. It was a nice way to break up the monotony and sort of say goodbye to summer a little early. I will share a few pictures...
Obviously, we all had a great time with Cade!

Always great music from Michael...

All of us, holding our "Hello" sign up for Great Grandma Haynes in Kentucky.
(Michael, Shauna, Cade, Brad, Rebecca, Jimmy, Franca, Mara, Me, Jay and Granddad)

And back at the Hightower Casa, Grayson's nursery is completely COMPLETE! (I think) Here are some photos from the latest set up etc... We got the stroller/carseat combo and I love it! (Thanks Daddy):

Pack 'N Play, all set up in the living room:

4 pairs of my favorite thing (Baby Legs!), 3 of them courtesy of Aunt Dani :-)

Cozy Crib:

Doll Chair painted by "Gigi"

Homemade Dresser:

Bags packed, Stroller, Dresser:

The cutest shoes in the world! Janie and Jack boat shoes from Dani :-)

All for now. I will post an update on Friday afternoon after my OB appointment...xoxo