Tuesday, March 23, 2010


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LONG time no blog!

Grayson is coming up on 6 months old. That's HALF a year! I can't believe how quickly time flies. He has two teeth on the bottom, he enjoys eating rice cereal, avocado , and sweet pea (all homemade by Mommy!), he "inch worms" across the floor to get where he is going, his exersaucer is his favorite hang-out and he loves to be read to. He is saying "Ah-Mah" a lot. Not quite "MAMA", but getting close. Childproofing the house is imminent at this point, as he is becoming quite the traveler. We got his Easter Outfit the other day which is just precious. I can't wait to post pictures.
We have all been battling colds and allergies lately, but it seems that we are all starting to breathe easier these days. Playing outside is a catch 22, because it's beautiful and fresh and warm, but the pollen just kills us! We have really enjoyed being outside, though- and enjoying the pool. The weather is finally feeling like Spring. Is it just me? Or was that the longest winter EVER?!
Jay made 10 out of 10 on his big Math project for school and we are SO proud of him! He works hard and studies a lot, while still being hubby and daddy. He is doing great!

Madraye and Halle are growing up fast, here are a couple of recent photos,
taken by their Aunt Shain in TN:


I can't wait to get them down here and shoot them as well! They are beautiful subjects.
I continue to work in Brunswick and for Little Wing Photography. I am LOVING getting to spend so much time with my photography. I am learning a lot and rapidly building my portfolio. Thank you AMY! I am training for my first 5K run in May on Jekyll Island, so I am stoked about that. It should be a blast, and my boys will be there to cheer me on. Thanks to Amy, I have a mentor, a fellow mommy friend and a new running partner! (Although her new jogging stroller is way cooler than my Graco.) That's the long and short of it for now! I must go catch up on my chores. Here are some photos from the last couple of months to tide you over.