Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Hurricanes and Baby Jail

Thanks to the brewing hurricane in the Atlantic, we are feeling a little bit of a breeze in this ridiculous heat. I am soooo ready to be able to go out with the stroller and take walks without fearing heat stroke. I hope the weather holds out for Labor Day Weekend! My mom is coming up, which is exciting. She hasn't seen G since he was born. I will take lots of photos! Last weekend, Granddaddy Parker came up and visited with us. We had a lot of fun...
Look alikes, or what?

Before Church

Daddy went ahead and bought Grayson his birthday present, which we are ever so thankful for....
Baby Jail!! Haha. No Seriously. All jokes aside, this thing is a life saver! He can play in it and not get into any trouble while I do dishes, work on the computer, go to the bathroom, etc. It's awesome. I would say it's a must have for a mommy with a mobile child. Not as small as a pack-n-play, so it gives them a little more freedom.

I am still planning his first birthday! The latest buy, was this adorable personalized first birthday shirt:
How cute is it?! I am so excited. 

In my grown-up world, I am still quite busy, and also QUITE blessed. I am now working from home on my new iMac! I am in lovvvvve with it. It is a dream for Photoshop on top of all the other wonderful things about it. I have the greatest bosses in the world! 

In other Katie news, I am going to be taking an english class (online hopefully), which is the last core class I would need to begin LPN clinicals. Of course, the next program doesn't start until Fall 2011, but I figured I would go ahead and knock out that last class this quarter at the Tech School. It seems I like to keep myself busy!