Saturday, June 27, 2009

Playing with the camera at home...

Appointment Update

Just as a quick update: I had my 26 week appointment yesterday, and everything was fine! My uterus is measuring well, and he is still in a breech position with his head practically in my lungs! I told her I feel like I have a bruise or something right here (pointing right under my left breast). I said that it was really tender to touch. Well, turns out that's where his head was! No wonder! His little legs were stretched all the way out and his ankles were crossed. I start going every two weeks now, so another update on 7/10. Have a good weekend!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Fathers Day and such...

The weeks are flying by! Fathers Day just passed, and what a beautiful weekend for it! It was super hot, but I stayed in the pool most of the time, where I developed a fabulous tan/burn. :-)
Saturday I stayed in the sun and ventured to Motherhood Maternity for some stylish maternity shorts and ended up in Baby GAP as well. I couldn't help it! Sunday, I made Fathers Day brunch and had Granddad and Franca over as well. Then we all ventured to the pool and ate some more after that. My kind of day. I have such a wonderful Daddy and I just feel so blessed that I was raised by such a wonderful man and that I can also have a friendship with him as an adult. He is going to be a super Pawpaw!

And if that isn't enough, I also happened to be married to the other best dad in the world! Jay loves his two fabulous daughters more than anything, and he works hard to prove that on a daily basis. I am unbelievably lucky to be able to call him the father of my child.

Happy Fathers Day to both of you and all the other Daddies out there, including all my step-dad and my two grandfathers.
I am in my 26th week now!

I have my next doctor's appointment on Friday, and then it is time for the dreaded Gestational Diabetes Testing. Hopefully I will pass! It is so crazy how fast the time is passing. I have a shower coming up in Brunswick on the 18th of July and I am SO excited to see everyone. If you haven't gotten an invitation yet, it is because none have gone out by mail yet, but I would love to see you there! It will be a drop-in deal at Spankys Marshside on 7/18 from 2-4 pm. Jay will be there too, so come see us! I am hoping that we will get to bring Madraye and Halle down with us, but we will see. Here is the invitation:

Just as an FYI- my mom made it out of surgery and is going great at home now, thanks to everyone for the thoughts and prayers. July will be a busy month for us, full of appointments of all sorts and traveling. I will try to keep the blogging current! Peace and Love...

Friday, June 19, 2009

Dear Baby...

Dear Baby Grayson,

You are 25 weeks old, before birth. I am so excited that I am on the homestretch! Hopefully you will be here in NO MORE than 15 weeks. Right now you are causing mommy lots of heartburn, back pain, swelling, insomnia and lots of other weird feelings. I may have even found my first stretch mark! It is certainly all worth it knowing you will be joining our family in a few short months. I am not very attractive right now, but I promise to get back into shape really soon after you are born! You spend most of your days (and nights!) kicking, punching and stretching out in my tummy.I am planning on videoing it as soon as I have a camera handy when it gets really crazy! Sometimes, it feels like you are going to bust out like an alien in a scary movie! Your daddy loves to feel you while you do your uterine olympics and he even tries to make weird noises against my tummy to provoke a response. (Once you are born and you get to know him, that won't seem weird to you at all...)
We are getting your room all ready to bring you home and getting very excited about it! I can't wait to see what you look like, blue eyes or brown eyes? Hair or no hair? You are going to just love the outfits I have for you! There are so many people for you to meet out here! You have sisters, parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, great-GREAT grandmothers, and LOTS of other family and friends who are so excited to see you and love you so much already. Now, be a doll and make your grand entrance BEFORE that 40 week mark!

Hugs and Kisses,

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Impromptu Jesup Trip

As I mentioned before, we were in town because Grandma Jean became very ill and had been put on hospice care. We got there on Friday, she passed on Sunday and her funeral was on Wednesday. While celebrating her life, we got to see so many people we either haven't seen in a decade, or don't get to see often. It was a mixed blessing! Anyway, I didn't get to take many pictures, but here are a few...

The arrangement for Jean from Jay, Me, Madraye, Halle and Grayson

Little Dave

The Officiant Himself

Sydney and her Emo Hairdo

Jay, John and Mitchell reunion

On another note, the pregnancy is still going well. Still getting bigger by the minute it seems, and the end is sneaking up on us! We are so excited to meet Grayson in no MORE than 16 weeks! The summer will be a hot one, I hope it goes by quickly. Stay cool everyone and check back soon for more news from our exciting life.

Grandma Jean

I haven't blogged in a while as we have been out of town for a death in the family. Jay's Grandma Jean Madray Shanks died at home on Sunday, June 7th after an extended illness. She had three daughters, six grandchildren and seven (and a half) great-grandchildren along with a brother and three nephews. She was such a wonderful person and there was never a time when she didn't make me laugh. Of all of the "in-laws", I have been in the family for the shortest amount of time, but she meant a lot to me, and she meant the world to my husband. Jay officiated her service, as per her request and it was beautiful. We would like to thank all the wonderful people who took time out to call, come over, bring food etc., and pray for us or with us. It means so much to have an outpouring of support in such a hard time. We will all miss her so much, but we know she is in a much better place.

Jay and Grandma Jean, February 2009

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Week 22/23 of the Journey...

First of all, I had a fabulous birthday (on the 31st) thanks to all the phone calls, cards and online wishes! I woke up and Jay had "decorated" the dining room.
Exhibit A:

It was a cute surprise! We then went to Granddad and Franca's for my birthday lunch and requested chocolate cake! YUM!

Then, we thought it was a great idea to go to the Atlanta Zoo! It was so hot and I was so miserable after about an hour of walking around in flip flops! Probably won't be doing anything like that until after the baby! :-) Here are a few photos from that adventure.

The meerkats and the otters were just TOO cute!!
In other good news, I had my appointment with the Perinatologist on Tuesday to follow up on the choroid plexus cysts and the "possible" two vessel cord. I happy to report that there are THREE healthy vessels in his cord (which is how many there are supposed to be, two arteries and one vein) and the cysts look to be disappearing completely! He has no other issues, and he is growing wonderfully! They asked me if my family was tall, because his legs and arms are long for his age, which indicates that he will be tall. He weighs approximately 1lb 3oz at this point, and his kicks, jabs and ninja moves are getting a lot more serious! We can SEE them on the outside. I will try to video that soon. Here is our newest photo of our little boy:

Must be my child with a forehead that big! :-)
And here is my latest self "portrait"...

That's all for now! xoxo