Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Quick Catch-Up!

Hello everyone.

My last post was about my new job, and I haven't blogged since then! This is completely because I have been a crazy person being a full-time working single mom! I am loving my job and my boss. I couldn't have been more blessed in that regard. However, a day for me goes like this... 6:30 wake up, get me and G ready, 8:00 leave to take him to daycare, 8:30 be at work, 12:00 lunch break (I usually go home and do chores or run errands!), 5:00 go pick up G, 5:30 home, fix dinner and feed G, 6:00 bathtime/playtime, 7:00 bedtime, then it's mommy time... and blogging usually isn't high up on my agenda. I also just became a member of the Brunswick Junior Womens Club, and a Chamber Ambassador for the Chamber of Commerce, plus I still try to be as involved as I can at my church.That said, I felt like I was overdue for some picture sharing, at least!

Most recently, we had a great Easter and Mothers Day. Grayson is wonderful... he is talking and being so funny. He is now 34 inches and 32 pounds!  He loves the beach.
Grayson's First Beach Trip of the Year

Grayson and my little brother Elliot

Church in the Park!

Me, Zoe and G


Daddy, me and G

My Grandma and Me

Grayson and his buddy Adison

Beach day #2

Gould's Inlet

Mothers Day
Until we meet again....:-)

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